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“Are you licensed and insured?   Yes, we are insured up to 2 million dollars. As for a license, it is important to understand that the state of Oklahoma does not offer a license for a building contractor so it's imperative that you hire the right contractor. Check out their background/references and ask to see some of their work. We welcome you to check us out!  Some aspects of building and remodeling do require a license such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical and some concrete. In this case JC Building Concepts uses only licensed and experienced professionals.

"May we check your references?”   Absolutely! JC Building Concepts has been built on referrals and we always include a full page of references with every estimate.

  I know I would like to update my home, but I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me with ideas?   Yes. JC Building Concepts can provide you with creative and smart solutions for your home or business.  Coordinating colors and styles are an essential aspect of design and we can assist you with choosing the right paint, fixtures, hardware and other materials.

  “Do you offer turnkey services?”   Yes, we offer services for every aspect of building and remodeling. From demo, drywall, paint, texture, tile, granite, flooring, windows, doors, roofing, even custom building, we will plan and manage your project right from start to finish.

  “Will I need to pay upfront for my project?”   A 25% down payment is required to begin a project. Draws will be negotiated for the duration of a project and to be paid in full upon completion.  

"Once you start on my project will your crew work there without ceasing until the job is finished?"  We know that many contractors are notorious for that. They will begin a job then take off to begin another job. This leaves the job site a mess and slows progress down for your project. The answer to that question is "yes". Once we begin a job we stay on that job continually working until the project is successfully completed.